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Vet Examining Cat

Our Checkups Keep Your Pets Healthy in Woodland

You might think puppy and kitten wellness programs are a fad, but the importance of keeping your pets healthy throughout their lives cannot be overstated. This holds especially true for your older pet, and Yolo Veterinary Clinic in Woodland offers geriatric care for your senior dog or cat. Our animal wellness program looks into the special needs of your furry friend, especially if it’s a breed known to have unique problems. When you bring your baby bulldog in for a puppy wellness checkup, we can discuss the health concerns it is prone to face, including problems with its hips and joints. Your Maine coon kitten is going to grow to be really big, so you need a kitten wellness program to ensure it doesn’t become obese. Our veterinary staff has seen a lot, and we can help keep your pet in tiptop shape regardless of its breed.

Diagnostic Services & Preventive Care

Veterinary care goes beyond routine animal checkups. Your pet will need vaccinations, and these are included during pediatric exams. Much as you go to your doctor once a year to ensure you don’t have any health problems, your pet should be seen by one of our vets annually to ensure it doesn’t have any problems. The sooner we catch something, the better chance we have of curing any illness, so schedule preventative exams for your animal just as you do for yourself and your other family members.

Treating Dogs & Cats in the Knights Landing & Davis Areas

Every member of the staff at Yolo Veterinary Clinic is an animal lover. As we say, “EVERY pet is special to us,” and we will work tirelessly to keep your best friend healthy during all its life stages. We help animals in Woodland, Knights Landing, Davis, West Sacramento and Winters, so call us at 530-666-3366 to schedule your pet’s wellness visit. We offer a wide array of services, including animal radiology, to ensure your critter is in the best health possible.