Experienced Veterinary Office Staff in Woodland, CA

Dr. Laurie A. Bulkeley — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA

Dr. Laurie A. Bulkeley

Dr. Laurie A. Bulkeley DVM is the owner of Yolo Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Bulkeley received her DVM degree from Colorado State University in 1988. She then worked in Oncology at CSU for 1 year, as well as doing relief work in emergency medicine in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Bulkeley spent the next 9 years developing her skills in internal medicine, oncology, surgery and dentistry at Arcadia Small Animal Hospital.
In 1997 Dr. Bulkeley relocated to Woodland, California. Her passion and love for animals was so strong, she decided to run and operate her own animal clinic. Dr. Bulkeley purchased Yolo Veterinary Clinic, a well-established animal clinic and hospital in Woodland, California.
Away from the office, Dr. Bulkeley and her daughter, Katy, enjoy riding and competing in hunter/jumper horseback riding. Dr. Bulkeley also enjoys her time with her extended family including four horses, four dogs, three cats and one rabbit.
Dr. Mark Willett — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA

Dr. Mark Willett

Dr. Mark Willett is originally from the Philadelphia area. He did his undergraduate studies at Cornell University in upstate New York, but moved out to California to go to graduate school at UC Davis, studying ecology. He earned his Master's in Ecology at Davis, doing fieldwork in the rainforests of the remote South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea.
Dr. Willett went on to go to veterinary school at Davis, graduating in 1997, with an interest in zoo and wildlife medicine. After vet school, he became involved with a project to save the endangered Channel Island fox, a small fox that is found only on islands off the coast of Southern California. He is very happy to say that the foxes are doing well, and are slated to be removed from the Endangered Species list. Most of Dr. Willett's time is now spent doing small animal medicine, though he still consults with the fox project. He also has an interest in exotic animal medicine, treating rats, snakes and rabbits.

Relief Veterinarians

Dr. Kirsten Murphy DVM

Dr. Stephen Ball DVM

Dr. Corey Thompson DVM


Ultrasound and Radiology

Dr. Craig Long DVM ACVR

Dr. Eric Hergessel DVM ACVR


Our On-Call Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Rob Runyan DVM

Robert A. Runyan, DVM, received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis in 1989. Dr. Runyan has completed Orthopedic Plating training at Ohio State University in addition to completing a Neurology fellowship at U.C. Davis. Dr. Runyan is certified in the TPLO procedure and is also the Founder and Initial Board Member to the Mercer Veterinary Clinic for the Homeless.
Lisa Corcoran — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA

Our Friendly Office Manager

Hi, my name is Lisa Corcoran; I have been with Yolo Vet since December of 2001. I am the mother of one daughter and two sons. I have eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. I absolutely love my job and couldn't think of a better place to work or bring my animals, of which I have many. I have five cats: Gypsy, Tabitha, Grace, Marmalade, and Trinity that I have adopted since working here. I also have six dogs, three of which are Chihuahua's, Nico who is my pride and joy, Mama, and Tibbs. I have a chocolate lab named Ruben, a Pomeranian named Rocky and a Dachshund named Snickers. The family atmosphere is what I love the most about Yolo Vet. We look forward to having you and your pets join our family!!!

Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

Elaine — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA
Hello my name is Elaine,
I am a mother of 4, 2 dogs named Biscuit and Boo, 1 cat named Spooks and a little boy named Aaden. They are the biggest blessings in my life. I've been working in the veterinary field for 2 years now and I am so thankful to be part of the Yolo Vet family, I absolutely love what I do. My current position at Yolo Vet is a Vet Assistant/ Kennel Tech. I enjoy laughing and enjoying this beautiful life. On my days off I enjoy taking all of my baby's to the dog parks and parks to have lots of fun and play time!!
Elaine Hack, Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Attendant
Tracy — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA
I am able to care for animals in a passionate way. I can clean, maintain, and sterilize facility laundry, animal quarters, and equipment. I can feed, water, and exercise/walk animals. I can assist others as needed for aggressive animals. I can collect and record animal information such as weight, size, physical condition, treatments received, medications given, vaccinations given, and food intake. I can provide treatment to sick or injured animals or contact appropriate veterinarians to secure treatment. I can interact with the public or clients with informative and friendly information regarding animals or their pets. I have over sixteen years’ experience as a Kennel Attendant/ Technician providing animals with love, care, and patience. I have my high school diploma as well as an Associate in Science Degree in Veterinary Technician/Technology. I am able to manage multitasking, a hard worker, and eager to learn new techniques and procedures according to the job/career.
Tracy Johnson, Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Attendant
Alexa — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA
Hey y’all, animal care is the game and Alexa is my name. I’ve always been passionate about working with animals and strive to be the best and do the best I can when helping our clients and their Fury kids. I’m preparing to take my exams to become an RVT and enjoy learning something new everyday. I’ve been with Yolo Vet Clinic for 7 years and counting and love the team I work with, that I now call my family and home away from home. I have two fur babies of my own, Keno an 8 year old German shepherd and Chabs a 5 year old chow/lab mix. Of course when I’m not working with animals I’m working out at the gym and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.
Alexa Andreasen, Veterinary Assistant
Victor — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA
The names Victor. I am a very spontaneous guy who likes to explore everything and enjoy life to the fullest. The way I see life is different than most. Life's too short so, I try and sacrifice all my time to what I love and the people I love. I've been in the veterinary field for 10 years now and still going strong. I was a dog trainer for 3 years at Petco down in central California. I was once told by a wise man to find something you love and you won't have to work again and, so I did. Then, I found Yolo Vet Clinic, a place I call my second home and family. I treat everyone who comes to Yolo Vet like part of my family. In my off time, I like to socialize, go out with friends, visit bars and clubs, bowling, sleepovers, camping, and fishing. I enjoy anything that has to do with a good time, good vibes, and making good memories. I have a dog named Bruce, he's my son and I love him very much. He is 9 years young. Well enough of me, lets get to know about you and your little furr ball kids.
Victor Yang, Veterinary Assistant
Roxana — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA
Hello, I am Roxana. I grew up in Hong Kong and moved to California when I was twelve years old. I received my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a specialization in companion animals and minored in Theatre Art and Dance from UC Davis. I have been working at Yolo Veterinary Clinic since 2015, and I am grateful to be working here as I am learning so much from Dr. Bulkeley, our surgeon and relief doctors, and all my co-workers. I love working with various of animals, from cats and dogs to horses and elephants. My interest and passion in small animal medicine and wildlife conservation lead me to pursue the veterinary field and I am applying to veterinary school in hopes to further expand my knowledge and share my compassion. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, acting, painting, and spending time with my family and my pet children - Vanilla, Kovu, Jessie and Buzz. Yes, I love Disney. And yes, they are all cats!
Roxana Chan, Veterinary Assistant
Katherine — Veterinarian in Woodland, CA
My name is Katy and I am currently training to become a RVT at Yolo Vet but, my current position is veterinary assistant and receptionist. I also love wildlife and am training to work with wildlife in the near future.

I have two wonderful boys named Jack and Panda. They are the best things that came into my life. Panda and Jack are both domestic long hairs. In my free time I like to explore new places and try new things. I enjoy hiking, hanging out with friends, reading and netflix. I love traveling and will let you guys know how my next adventure goes. One of my favorite animals is an elephant. I love how intelligent and compassionate they are. If you guys do stop in and like to travel also be sure to give me some tips and input on where I should travel next.

Looking forward to meeting you and your pets!
Katherine Bulkeley, Office and Veterinary Assistant
Hello--Most know me as Sam, the employee excited for even the simplest of tasks. My parents raised my sisters and I as individuals eager to learn and succeed. I just so happened to be the daughter to pick the messiest dream--working outdoors wrangling up horses. I graduated from UC Davis in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science, now ready to take on the challenges Yolo Vet has to offer. From here I hope to grow in order to begin veterinary school so when my equine vet back at home jokes about me "taking over his job so he can retire", I can finally stop saying "dream on."
Samantha Winte, Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Attendant