Pet Dental Care Services in Woodland, CA

One of the biggest issues we see here at Yolo Veterinary Clinic is bad teeth. Your dog and cat can get plaque and gingivitis just like you can, and unless you trained them when they were a puppy and a kitten, they aren't going to open wide and let you brush their teeth twice a day. Teeth-cleaning snacks are not enough. They do not give your furry friends the comprehensive pet dental care they need.
Just like you, your best buddy needs to go to the dentist. Fortunately, our staff at our clinic in Woodland has people who can help with your pet's dental health. Our dentistry service includes a complete exam, using the latest advanced digital radiology techniques, to look for the signs of periodontal disease because if it isn't caught early, there can be bigger issues later on.

Common Tooth Problems in Animals

When the dentist checks your pet's mouth, they are looking for:
  • Abscesses
  • Bite issues
  • Enamel damage
  • Fractured teeth
  • Gingivitis
  • Jaw injury
  • Tartar/calculus buildup
If not caught in time, any of these problems may result in a need for oral surgery. You do not want your canine or feline to have poor dental hygiene, which is why we recommend bringing your furry friend in for regular checkups. If you notice your animal has bad breath, chewing discomfort, drooling problems or loose or missing teeth, bring them in immediately, as these are common signs of periodontal disease.

Treating Cat & Dogs in the Knights Landing & Davis Areas

We've got your pet's teeth covered at Yolo Veterinary Clinic, and we don't mean with veneers. We have been the premier vet in the Davis, Woodland, Winters, Knights Landing and West Sacramento areas since 1952. Call us at 530-666-3366 to schedule an appointment for your small animal. We also provide pet boarding services if you're going to be out of town.