Why Your Pet Needs Pet Insurance

pet insurance
When you are sick and need to visit the doctor, you will make a claim to your health insurance company. If your pet is sick, it makes just as much sense to have a health insurance policy that can pay for the medical expenses that come from a visit to the vet. There are many reasons why you should consider buying pet insurance. Here's what you should know.

Choose Your Vet

One of the advantages of pet insurance over health insurance is that you are allowed to pick your vet. With health insurance, you are required to choose a provider that is within your health insurance network.

Lower Your Premiums

Purchasing pet insurance as early as possible will lower your premiums. However, insuring your pet at any age will be beneficial. You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that you'll have a plan for paying for your pet's medical bills if something terrible does happen. You will be able to choose the best medical option - rather than the one you can afford.

Enjoy Easy Reimbursement

Pet insurance works differently from traditional insurance. Rather than having your insurance provider pay your vet directly, you will pay the vet and then contact your insurance provider. Then, your insurance provider would reimburse you.
The process of being reimbursed is very simple.  Your vet provides you with a receipt that you send to your pet insurance provider. You are then sent a check that reimburses you for the vet bill. There are also providers who will offer a specific benefit for a condition - regardless of the actual bill. 

Insure Any Breed

The type of breed you own does not affect whether you can purchase pet insurance. However, if your pet has a pre-existing health condition, then this can affect your premiums. Therefore, insuring your pet before they develop a condition is the best idea.
The most robust health insurance plan will not only cover hereditary conditions but will also cover general wellness. To get a sense of which plan would be the best for your breed, talk with your vet.

Budget Pet Costs

Another great thing about pet insurance is that it is a way to budget pet costs. You are spreading out your vet expenses - rather than placing them on one emergency visit.
Rather than paying the full price for the vet visit, you will only be paying 20 percent once you have been reimbursed. While there are some families who set up a pet savings account, it can be tempting to dip into this account for other purposes.

Customize Your Policy

There are many pet insurance plans that can be tailored to your needs. This includes your:
  • Income
  • The frequency of your checkups
  • Whether your pet is more at risk of a major accident
For instance, if you have a pet that competes in agility competitions, they will need different insurance than a pet that lives a sedentary life.
The most common type of insurance is accident insurance because it can save pet owners a considerable amount of money. Illness insurance is less common and more limited. Wellness is a method of spreading out health checkup expenses, rather than saving for them.
If you have any questions about pet insurance or if you would like to bring your pet in for a checkup, Yolo Veterinary Clinic would love to meet your pet. We want your furry friend to have the best experience, and we have all of the latest equipment. The number of treatments for pets is growing, and there may be a treatment that is exactly what your pet needs.