The Basics of Veterinary Care

puppy and kitten
Whether you’re a brand-new pet owner full of cuddles or a veteran with a house full of furry friends, knowing the basics of veterinary care is a big part of ensuring a long, healthy life for your pet. Nothing makes this more possible than finding the right veterinarian who cares and will treat your pet as if it was part of their family.

Checkups & Diagnostic Care

Preventative care is step one to a healthy pet. Dogs and cats need regular checkups just like their owners do, especially as they get older. Vaccinations against the many dangers that can threaten your breed are also important. An animal wellness program can give you a great deal of peace of mind.

Medical Care

When your pet is sick, veterinary medicine can work wonders. But also keep in mind that dogs and cats play rough – even when they’re indoor pets! Their bones take more risks than most of ours. Pay attention to the way your pet moves and walks, and take note of any differences in their hunger levels and other routine parts of their day. Whether kidney stones, a heart problem, or a stomach issue, your trusted veterinarian is there to help.

Dental Care

Your pet can’t brush their teeth before bed, so be sure to find a good routine for keeping their teeth clean. Toothpastes and brushes, chew toys, and other products are available to help. Dental checkups with the veterinarian are also very important, to check for cavities and clean the teeth.

Where Everybody Knows Your Pet’s Name

Most pets don’t enjoy going to the vet, but the right veterinary office just might change that. When your pet enters the office and receives attention and love, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Yolo Veterinary Clinic serves Woodland, Knights Landing, Davis and surrounding areas with this guiding principle: Your pet should feel right at home! Contact Yolo today to start a wellness plan for your special friend.