4 Reasons to Rely on Your Vet for Boarding Your Senior Dog

Making sure that your dog receives the best care when you're traveling can be difficult because you won't be there to personally monitor them. Whether you're traveling for recreation or business reasons, it's important that you leave your dog in good hands.
If your dog is in their senior years and you're uncertain of whether boarding at a local veterinary clinic is a good fit, then consider the benefits of leaving your dog in the care of your vet.

1. Comprehensive Medical Care

When your dog is in their senior years, it's likely that they need some kind of medications to remain in their best health. Whether your dog needs medications daily through a liquid dropper or a pill taken orally, you need to consider what's involved in giving your dog their required medications.
Keeping your dog at home with a pet sitter who stops by can mean that they may struggle to give your dog medicine because your dog may try to hide from them and resist medication. The most effective way to get your dog to take their medicine every day is to rely on a veterinarian and their assistants to administer it.

2. Convenient Add-Ons

When you make the decision to bring your senior dog to the boarding kennel at your trusted veterinary clinic, it will be easier to get other services added to their stay. Many boarding kennels offer services including grooming, nail trimming and even a comprehensive wellness checkup.
Having these additional services done at the same time can ensure that your dog is in the best care. Combining these services with their stay can also eliminate the need to return to the vet later on for medical treatments.

3. Interactive Playtime

Allowing your dog outside to stretch their legs and having somebody play with them can be difficult when you bring them to a traditional kennel or keep them at home with visits from a pet sitter. By bringing your dog to the veterinarian for boarding, you can make sure that your dog is brought out of their kennel multiple times a day.
Since there will always be people around at the vet clinic, your dog will be able to get attention throughout the day. Scheduling specific services, such as having your dog taken on a walk or brushed, can help ensure that they get the attention or exercise they need. While these services may cost extra, they can ensure that your dog isn't bored while kenneled.

4. Caring Attendants

Bringing your dog to the kennel can often lead to your dog being afraid and unsure of the people that are caring for them. When you bring your dog to the boarding services at the veterinarian clinic, your dog will likely already know the attendants working there.
Because your dog is already familiar with these people, they will likely feel less stress. This can help your dog feel comfortable and ensure that they are as comfortable as possible during their time away from home. The people working at the kennel will also be very familiar with how to ease stress in your dog and keep them relaxed during their stay.
As you begin to make preparations for your upcoming trip, you'll need to do some research on the best care options for your dog. Relying on the boarding services at Yolo Veterinary Clinic can help ensure that your dog receives fantastic care while you're away.
Due to the older age of your senior dog, keeping them at a veterinary clinic can cut down on the risk of many problems and keep them in good hands.