4 Reasons A Female Dog Should Be Spayed

Being a dog owner can be a great joy-- dogs are loving and loyal companions who quickly become a part of the family. But owning a dog also comes with great responsibility.

One thing that all responsible dog owners should do is spay or neuter their pets. If you own a female dog, she should be spayed at as young as possible. There are a number of reasons to spay your female dog, including the following:
Prevent Unwanted Litters
There is no doubt that puppies are adorable, but many people do not realize that caring for a pregnant dog and her litter after birth can be very stressful as well as expensive.

A pregnant dog will have an increase in appetite and require additional food during pregnancy. If you have a dog who has complications or own a breed that has difficulty birthing puppies on their own, you will be responsible for paying high vet bills. After the puppies are born, they will also need veterinary care and vaccinations.

When a dog becomes pregnant unexpectedly, you will need to be prepared to care for the puppies for a minimum of 8 weeks before they can go to new homes.

Spaying a female dog typically costs $50 to $175, which is a fraction of the cost of one or more unwanted and unplanned litters. In many places, there are spay and neuter clinics that offer free or highly discounted services.
Limit Overpopulation of Dogs
While dogs are wonderful creatures, far too many end up abandoned and in shelters. More and more people are adopting dogs from shelters, but it is estimated that more than 3 million dogs and cats in shelters are euthanized each year, which means that 56% of dogs that end up in a shelter do not make it out alive.

It is estimated that an unspayed female dog and her offspring can lead to 508 puppies being born in just 7 years. Spaying your female dog can play a big part in helping with the dog overpopulation problem that the U.S. is currently experiencing. 
Avoid Heat Cycles
A female dog that is not spayed will have heat cycles, where she is fertile. On average, an unspayed female dog will have heat cycles every six months, with the dog being in heat for approximately 3 weeks.

When your dog is in heat, she will have a bloody discharge from her vagina which can be quite messy as well as smelly. It is not uncommon for a female dog in heat to also be more aggressive with other pets in the home.

A dog in heat can also attract male dogs in the area, and they can be aggressive in trying to access her. It is never a good idea to leave a dog in heat outside alone. Most pet owners find the heat cycles of a dog to be a major inconvenience. Luckily, spaying is an easy way to eliminate heat cycles completely.
Better Health
A major benefit of spaying is the fact that it helps protect your dog from dangerous diseases and conditions. Dogs who are not spayed have a higher rate of mammary tumors, which can be malignant and cause a number of problems if not discovered and treated early. The same can be said about uterine tumors and serious conditions such as pyometra.

Pyometra is a very severe infection of the uterus, related to hormones. When a dog has pyrometra, the uterus will fill up with pus from the infection and other organs may also be affected. It can be very difficult to treat an advanced case of pyometra, and the condition is often lethal. Dogs who have been spayed have had their ovaries and uterus removed, so pyrometra is not a concern.

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